Designed & Engineered in Australia and made tough to suit our Aussie environment. AussieGateMate produces both Australian made & Italian made Gate Openers rated from 500kg to 3,000kg load.

Our Solar openers are undoubtedly one of the most energy efficient available, amazing! 15 days standby time on fully charged batteries on our standard kits.

Sliding, Swing, Boom, Hydraulic, Electrical. Solar & 240V mains powered available.

Model ACE-12

Top quality robust swing gates kit for gates up to 3m each including:

  • two operators
  • 2 remote controls
  • Waterproofed control panel box
  • Battery backup
  • Automated charger

Available as a solar kit with solar panel

Available as a low voltage kit with power pack

Model XR5000

Industrial heavy duty folding arms motors for swing gates up to 5m / 500kg. Each gate includes:

  • 2 remote controls
  • Control panel
  • Power supply
  • Backup battery

Available as a solar kit with solar panel

Available as a low voltage kit with power pack

Model ROBO

The Big Gun—Industrial heavy duty model for gates up to 10m long and up to 3,000kg load.

  • 900N of Force
  • Up to 100 operations/day
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • Digital Control Panel
  • 240 Volt (Mains Powered only)

Model SL500

Heavy duty sliding gate openers from 500kg rated to 2,500kg rated.

  • Smart Digital control panel with ramp up & ramp down features
  • Sealed gearbox
  • Push button remotes
  • Manual over-ride keys in the case of a power failure

Available as a solar kit with solar panel (500kg models only)

Available as a low voltage kit with powerpack.

Options, Features & Services

Power Options

  • 240 Volts mains powered
  • 12 Volt extra low voltage powered
  • Solar Kits. Unique design, low power consumption. Up to 15 days standby time on base kit (based on 5 operations per day).

Features & Services

  • Gate Openers on display in our showroom. Test run in our showroom
  • Great Quality, great prices
  • 12 months warranty, all backed up locally in Tamworth NSW by our own in-house technicians
  • Custom designed systems available. For the handyman, ask our friendly staff for the DIY options
  • All installations carried out by onsite licensed Electricians:

Full Range of Accessories

  • Remotes
  • Weatherproof keypads. Wired & wireless
  • Weatherproof pushbuttons & key locks
  • Safety sensors
  • Loop detectors. Detects vehicle to open the gate automatically
  • Swipe tags
  • Intercoms
  • GSM/Intercoms. Use you mobile phone from anywhere in the world to open the gate

Test run gate openers in our showroom display!